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Carl Hester Dressage Saddles now in stock from PDS

After many months of tiny alterations to the fit of the two new Carl Hester Dressage saddles, we are delighted to announce that we are now carrying stock in the UK. Hester’s Jaguar and Brioso, names of two of his horses, are the culmination of two different fits of saddle for today’s modern sports horse. Working with some illustrious names in UK saddle fitting, including Mark and Di Fisher and Maurice Emtage, these highly experienced Master Saddlers together with Carl Hester, enabled the team at Ruiz Diaz to create possibly the most adaptable and “fittable” dressage saddles. Without their help (plus many other UK saddle fitters and equine therapist and saddle fitter Sherry Seals from the USA) we don’t feel that we would have been able to achieve such an excellent pair of saddles.

These two saddles will now be our main focus for our dressage range. Technology, design and development have enabled us to offer the dressage rider a comfortable, performance driven saddle, that as proven by Carl Hester at the European Championships, is worthy of a GOLD medal and a personal best.... If you would like to be one of the riders to experience the new Brioso or Hester’s Jaguar please get in touch and w can recommend your nearest PDS Saddle fitter.

Carl Hester on Fame wearing his Brioso dressage Saddle
Carl Hester on Fame


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